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Giving Health To Kids
We Value the life of every mother and child
At GHTK, we cherish the inherent value of every mother and child's life, striving to create a world where their health is a priority.
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Welcome to GHTK
Our Mission
Our mission is to decrease neonatal and infant mortality rates in Guyana by working with colleagues in Guyana to develop comprehensive education programs for healthcare professionals and support their efforts to save lives with specialized equipment and ongoing training.
Every child deserves a tomorrow
At GHTK we value the life of every mother and child, and we will work with and empower those who are the primary caregivers for mothers and babies by providing leadership and education to help them reach their goals in serving paediatric patients in Guyana.
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Investing in Tomorrow's Leaders
Every child holds the potential to become a leader, innovator, or changemaker. By investing in their health and education today, we lay the groundwork for a future where these children can contribute positively to society, driving progress and making lasting impacts.
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Providing assistance to children is a powerful strategy for breaking the cycle of poverty. By addressing their immediate needs and offering educational opportunities, we empower them to overcome adversity, opening doors to a brighter future and contributing to the overall well-being of communities.
Building Resilient Communities
Children are the heart of any community, and supporting their health and development creates resilient societies. Healthy, educated children grow into resilient adults, capable of facing challenges and contributing to the strength and stability of their communities. Our efforts today shape a more robust and sustainable tomorrow for everyone.
Giving Health To Kids
Giving Health To Kids (GHTK) was established as a Canadian Charitable Organization in 2012 by Dr. Narendra Singh and his wife Dr. Shirley Sit. Both pediatricians, they were saddened to see the state of neonatal care provided in Guyana.
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Giving Health To Kids (GHTK) was established in 2007 and is a registered Canadian Charity with the goal of decreasing the neonatal and infant mortality in developing countries.
Giving Health To Kids (GHTK), 2365 Finch Avenue West, Suite, 203, Toronto, Ontario M9M 2W8

Charity Registration # 805 814 316 RR0001

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