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Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) is a registered Canadian charity with the goal of decreasing the neonatal and infant mortality in developing countries, particularly in Guyana. 

Our major focus has been to provide comprehensive education to local physicians, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. To ensure their long-term success we assist with the procurement of specialized equipment to further elevate the level of neonatal care. 

The initial part of this project has been focused at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) with the opening of a new neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), an innovative paediatric residency program and neonatal nursing program. We have been successful in decreasing the neonatal mortality at GPHC by forty percent (40%) in our first year. 

Our shared vision with the Ministry of Health in Guyana is to expand this program to the regional hospitals in New Amsterdam, Linden, Suddie and West Demerara. To date we have completed the NICUs at Linden and New Amsterdam and will be completing West Demerara and Suddie.

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