Honored Donors

Without the outstandingly generous financial support of its donors, none of the initiatives and activities Guyana Help The Kids engages in annually in its quest to reduce neonatal and infant mortality rates would be possible! Guyana Help The Kids therefore wishes to acknowledge with utmost gratitude the respective donations of its 2017 Corporate and individual Donors.

Platinum Donors
Tony Whyte: Go Logistics
Dr Narendra Singh: North Etobicoke Children’s Clinic
The Maxwell and Ruth Leroy Foundation
Dax Sukhraj: Keybase Financial
Steve Nijjar:Titan Securities
Dr Khalid Almajid
Terry Sawh: Topnotch Employment

Gold Donors
Rangasamy Ramanathan:Metapharm Inc.
Dr Nar Daljeet Dentistry
Domenic Gurreri: Forest Contractors
Phil Colucci:Erosion Control
Gord Ramkissoon
Terry Betts
Dr Leland Dhurjon Medicine Professional Corp
Richmond Hill Rotary Club
Guyana Goldfields
Chet Singh Boys
Chet Singh Girls
Hemdat Sawh
Dr Kamal & Mrs Neelam Midha
Terrance & Mary Leon
Sheikh Mohamed: Halal Farms
Mrs Daniel
Dr Mohamed Hussein Professional Corp
Department of Obstetric & Gynecology, Humber River Hospital
Mark Tamburro
Pestrin Group
Cliff & Bhano Rajkumar
Ronita Singh & Fazal Bacchus
Stephen & Bibi Ameena Rajpaul
Beryl D’Andrade
Wentao Tian
Fitlight Sports Group
Mark Cosman
Jainarine Narsingh
Manoj Verdi
Mohamed Ally
Brenda Barr
Agnes Noronha
Dr Leif Neilin

Silver Donors
Niluka Kottegoda
Faz Trac Management
Deochand Bahadur
Frank Fazzari
Dr. Ramesh Seegobin
Dr. M U Hack
Dr Andrea Hunter Medicine Professional Corp.

Bronze Donors
Mohan Contracting
Wazir Sharif
Formusa Zuccaro
Vishnu Mandir
Dr Russell Blumer
The Benevity Community
Dr Guninder Bir Sandu
Peter & Sabi Jailall
Savitri Prashad
Dr Nigel Jagan Medicine Professional Corp
Masters Insurance
Bio Ped
Thomas Wenner
Rohit Raghabir
Dr Rajendra Harricharan Medicine Professional Corp 8151440 Canada Inc.
Dr Anthony Mascia
Frencho Rampersaud
Cheikh Diop
Rohit Ragabir

Guyana Help The Kids also wishes to acknowledge and express its sincerest appreciation to the following corporations and individuals for their respective donations: the Consulate General of Barbados,Ms. Gerianne Bawn, Dr Madan & Rena Roy, Dr Amelia Chan, Roy Hefford, Rajeswari Selvarajan, Bosco Jude D’SA, Micheal Iacovelli, Ace solution Provider, Rupert Kartick, Christian Mark, Alana Ramsahai, Knights of Columbus, C Smith & Mrs E Smith, Dianand & Sombhadra Persaud, Aneal Thansingh, Tayo Denton, Geoffrey & Mary Latter, Roopnarine Sugrim, Jirayr Hanimyan, Dr Madan Roy, Homeira Jowhari, Mina & Kelly Pearce, Janine Davy, Jean T Fraser, Alana Ramsahai, Angella Lewis, Mary Magni, Sarah Kim-Hak, Dr Jacob Rosenberg, Sofi Quadri, Pat Petrie, Linda S Bottos, Danik Presacco, Lily Wong, Robert G Woods, Prometheum Institute, Andrew Rapsey, Robin Nath, Rohan Parbhu, Minwati Singh, Naresa Ramjohn, Mohan Contracting, Nigel Aubra Jansz, Carol Edwards Benjamin, Martin J Oswald, Surojini & Ivor Lall, Kenneth James Mate, Michael Weimer, Pam Wong, Jean Fraser, Lynette McDoom, Ann & John Renn, Matt Bourne, Nadira Persaud

The generosity of your respective contributions is gratefully appreciated.

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