Modern Trauma Centre Planned For Georgetown Public Hospital

The Guyana Government is currently in discussions with development partners for the building of a modern trauma centre at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. This is according to Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan who in his Budget Speech said, “We will be seeking to make a significant improvement to the national referral hospital – Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation – as the construction of a new Accident and Emergency facility can no longer be delayed.”
This highly anticipated upgrade will allow for the better management of emergency cases, including addressing patient flow, isolation and capacity.

The Georgetown Public Hospital over the years has seen reports of overcrowding and excessive waiting times among other issues.With the introduction of specialised emergency medicine, and a collaboration with the Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA, the Accident and Emergency unit of the GPHC has made strides to ensure that all patients receive prompt medical attention. Also, it has been ensured that staff are trained to deal with patient load, while specialists are in place to render services.

A recent report has indicated that there has been a reduction in the waiting period at the A&E department compared to just two years ago. Initially, overcrowding and a lack of nurses were factors in the long waiting period. However, for staff working in this unit to function optimally along with having patients acquiring the requisite level of care, the proposed unit will be most welcome.

The Georgetown Public Hospital, in Georgetown, Guyana, is the country’s largest hospital and the main referral hospital. Its Seaman’s Ward, the oldest section, was constructed in 1838. The hospital is government-run with a capacity of 600 beds, although currently only around 400 beds are operated, mainly due to a shortage of trained medical personnel.

The Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic Center is fairly new and houses the Accident and Emergency Department. There are four main operating theatres and an additional two minor-surgery rooms. There is also an eight-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with state-of-the-art equipment.

The hospital has recently been rebuilt, although it still need additional staff and equipment. It deals mainly with tuberculosis, cardiovascular disease and AIDS.

Since its 2007 founding Guyana Help The Kids (GHTK) has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in neonatal equipment to the Georgetown Public Hospital. As a direct result of GHTK’s donations the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Pediatric Ward is now functionally equipped with state of the art monitors and incubators

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