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Patients' Success Stories

Tiffany Cox was into the third semester of her pregnancy when she suffered a fit and was rushed to the Georgetown P u b l i c H o s p i t a l .

Subsequent examinations by the resident doctors revealed that she was experiencing abnormally high blood pressure and that her unborn baby was under serious threat.

Events then developed further at a phenomenal pace and before Tiffany could quite grasp all that was happening. The next thing she knew was that she was at the Georgetown Hospital giving birth to a significantly premature baby girl.

Tiffany’s daughter was born 27 weeks premature on November 20, 2014. She  weighed less than 2 pounds at birth, 940 grams to be exact!

Tiffany was convinced that her daughter had absolutely no chance of survival so initially she refused to even look at her, let alone touch her. She saw no point in bonding with a baby that she was convinced would soon be dead!

Against all odds however and as a direct consequence of the incubators the Georgetown Hospital NeoNatal Unit had been provided with through the GHTK, Tiffany’s premature baby miraculously survived. She’d spent the entire first month of her life in one of the GHTK provided incubators and it was only until a few weeks after her premature birth that Tiffany, on the suggestion of one of the resident nurses, had started touching her.

On January 21, 2015, exactly two months after her baby   had been born, Tiffany Cox left the Georgetown Public Hospital bearing in her arms her very much alive and well daughter. Most appropriately Tiffany had named her daughter Miracle.

According to Tiffany’s Miracle’s survival was entirely made possible through the equipment and specialized pediatric care she received at the Georgetown Hospital. Equipment and care that was available solely as a result of the donations and training that has been provided to the hospital through GHTK’s generous donations.

Speaking to participants at the conclusion of the World Prematurity Day March that was held in Georgetown last November, an emotional Tiffany also recalled that in the months after she’d gone home the Georgetown Hospital nurses and doctors who had attended to her became like her extended family. Dr Winsome Scott in particular was always diligent in responding to her calls, addressing her needs and allaying her concerns.

Now a healthy four year old, Miracle is busy enjoying life to the fullest, engaged in all the activities of kids her age. She has shown absolutely no signs of any mal effects from her premature birth. Tiffany laments that Miracle is seemingly a bit under weight for her age but suggests that her relatively slim stature is certainly not the result of a lack of appetite!

Here’s to the continued health and happiness of both Miracle and Tiffany. Here’s as well to all the doctors, nurses and support staff at the Georgetown Public Hospital whose outstanding use of the GHTK provided equipment and training saved a life and resulted in such a wonderful miracle

This photo is of Baby Thornhill when he was almost 3 months old. He was born at 28 Weeks gestation with 1Kg. He was managed for sepsis and prematurity. He also needed ventilatory support and coded once while in the NICU.

Baby Thornhill spent almost one month in the NICU.  This picture was taken on his last clinic visit by Dr Marcel Persaud, one of our final year residents.  

Neonatal resuscitation was performed initially by the NICU trained Nurses and later by both Paediatric residents and nurses. This included bag mask ventilation and chest compressions.  

His Managing team consisted of a Paediatric Consultant, Paediatric Registrars and Residents, along with NICU Nurses.

To date, Thornhill has no noticeable developmental delays.